Alternative Energy Sources
Transforming EMF into electricity



For quantum communication, our approach is based on the creation of permanent fields entangled in a dissociable object.

After separation, each element retains its initial binding. Thus, it is a part of everything and all in part.

The tetragonal crystal system of the permanent magnet meets all requirements of our model, namely: the definitive conservation of energy. This ability can naturally be appledy to any other fields.

The Morse code remains the best candidate using entangled quantum strings.

Stick'N Charge - Energy on the move

Stick'N Charge alimente les smartphones

STICK'N Charge™ is the missing part that makes any smartphones and all connected devices really 'smarts'! Delivering a clean energy on the move at no cost, whether you're at home, in the streets, at Starbucks, at the office, providing a sufficient level of energy to power or to charge your mobile without any interference with the signal from your own phone. With Stick'n Charge you will never have to charge your cell phone, never run out of power or even to seek an outlet.

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K3OPS revolutionizes the traditional electric battery concept by endowing the various general public models with its RF energy harvesting system that converts the ambient radiation into direct current power. It delivers a new source of clean energy by eliminating the electrochemical devices currently used to convert chemical energy into electric power via redox processes.

Current electric batteries contain noxious and hazardous metals known for harming the environment. K3OPS avoids the waste of our natural resources like nickel, cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc or lithium which extraction is a particularly polluting process.

K3OPS is part of an extensive product range that uses the same efficient and ecological technology to run and also the best answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues, offering an endless supply of green energy.

Digital VS Analogue

k3ops batteries delivering green energy


K3OPS Home Automation

K3OPS offers a wide variety of home automation devices from smart bulbs, thermostats, motion sensors, smoke and CO2 detectors, smart locks; Wi-Fi enabled cameras and much more. Embedded with an intelligent microcontroller that takes into account the different factors such as meteorological to regulate the temperature and optimize your expenses. The brand's devices are equipped with the latest RF energy harvesting from SQUID, delivering an endless source of green energy, environmentally friendly and require no maintenance. Now you can relax: the lights will shut down, the temperature sets back and the alarm arms itself for your protection with a highly secure communication ensuring a constant monitoring, preventing the risk of fire or any intrusion attempts. Simplify your life, get a comfortable, a secure environment and save money on your annual home energy use.

K3OPS Remote Control

K3OPS Remote Control

Tech Spec of K3OPS Lightbulb

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How it works?

1 - Unique ID
Each K3OPS’ product has a personal identification, which allows as well information exchange, management of the storage unit, the encryption protocols and remote control by means of applications dedicated to the different modes of system functions. This leads to a multitude of choices from direct power, power supply on demand or to power on a scheduled basis for Home Automation.
2 – The Antennas
Multilayer antennas network* - both wide-band and multi-band operation – working in cooperative relay scavenging ranges between 0.2 to 5.8 GHz (covering radiation from all of domestic appliances) and the use of other standard & specific protocol allowing signal isolation optimized for direct digital-to-analog conversion**.
3 - Dielectric resonators
Breaking the electric field symmetric in dielectric materials *** by acceleration of electrons under the action of specific frequencies, that warps the materials generating an electromagnetic field as a powerful resonator. Since a resonator is also a transmitter they make very efficient and also extremely tiny antennas.
4 – Dynamic frequencies selection
Constant analysis of the environment based on any ambient changes, ensure self-correction of the frequencies to harvest in the appropriate source without interfering with any other wireless communication systems nearby.
5 – Downtime power stages optimized
Intelligent power management controlled by a microcontroller to optimize system-level power, an adaptive dead-time control between the phases with LP standby mode that shuts down most of the digital and analog circuitry and logarithmic step sizes between outputs with complex ultra-speed pulsed MrC digital modulation for low noise, increasing beam forming gain recovery.
6 - Asymmetry correction
The use of metamaterial for their electromagnetic properties, offer a signal isolation optimized for the asymmetry correction at the last stage of the harmonic in the ripples ensure a stable, efficient and a proper output DC.

* Rectenna invented in 1964 by William C. Brown
** Based from Alexander Graham Bell researches.
*** Pierre Curie Dissymmetry Principle.


K3OPS endlessly detects all ambient RF

To convert

K3OPS converts RF to DC


K3OPS runs or charges all electronic devices


K3OPS develops and commercializes energy harvesting systems in RF waves the most sophisticated and powerful on the market. Declined under original forms such as batteries, not having to replace the electronic devices of everyday life or for charging smartphones and connected devices. The main advantage of products of our brand is to offer all an endless source of green energy totally made in France. A word from the founders of Stick'n charge

Our philosophy

We are committed to conduct business in an ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

Our mission

To recycle energy from electromagnetic pollution and convert in continuous electricity to supply everyday's product.

Our vision

To transform thoughts into real products in order to build beyond imagination for a better life in a sustainable society.

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Alexandre Despallieres co-fondateur de k3ops

Alexandre Despallieres

Our Products

k3ops batteries rf erenegy haversting
K3OPS Battery

An endless supply of energy

That replaces all batteries. Any shapes of batteries including button cell

 squid the wellness wristband by k3ops

The Wellness Wristband

A key element of education to cope with E-smog issues to develop healthy habits

k3 case charge your phone with ambient RF

Charge your phone with RF

You won't have to worry about the battery capacity or to seek for an outlet

K3OPS ® is a registered mark under the number: 4096517 | SQUID WELLNESS WRISTBAND ® is a registered trade mark - Number: 4085469
K3OPS is a protected technology as part of the production of science.